A Taste of Fiji 

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kokoda (pronounced Kok-on-da) 

Although the idea of Ceviche can be daunting to some, the Fijian style Kododa is extremely simple yet deliciously tasry


White meat fish cubed, 3 cups

White vinegar, 2 cups

Salt, 30ml

Carrot cubed, half cup

capsicum cubed, half cup

Red Onion cubed, half cup

Cucumber cubed, half cup

Tomato (seedless) cubed

1 lemon, zest and juice

Coconut cream, 1 can

Coriander (optional)


Mix Vinegar and salt into a bowl

Put fish into the bowl of salt and vinegar for 2 hours

Strain the fish and discard the brine

Add veggies and coconut cream

Add salt and pepper and squeeze lemon on top

Chef Beni