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Services and Fees

The process of researching and putting together a customized, bespoke proposal that matches your travel desires takes time. On average, we spend 25 hours working on a trip from initial discussion through your arrival back home.

Our services and fees are detailed below.

Please note:  in most destinations we partner with hotels that run any where from $400-$1000+ per night per room. This means we generally work with budgets of $1,000 per day and up for full itinerary planning.

Custom Travel Planning

As with most professional travel agencies we charge planning and research fee. We work on a consultative basis to design trips customized to every client, to ensure you make the most of your most precious asset: TIME.

The below is an outline of our fees for most trips, though they may be customized based on trip complexity, duration, and number of travelers.

$150 for a trip that is 1-3 nights / 1 revision
$250 for a trip that is 4-10 nights / 2 revisions
$350 for a trip that is 11-14
nights / 3 revisions

Please note:
Fees are based on 1-6 travelers in the same household.
Additional $50/person/week thereafter.

Proposal is for one overall trip proposal.

Additional proposals for different destinations will be charged an additional planning fee of $200 per proposal.

Villa bookings will be charged an
 additional fee of $200 to cover additional time and resources required to navigate the challenges of vetting a luxury villa.

Last minute booking fee of 50% for trip requests within 30 days of travel or 90 days of holiday travel.

Our trip planning fee covers initial consultation and discussion of your trip dreams and expectat
ions, time spent researching, developing, and revising a proposal to create the perfect customized itinerary, booking and managing all components, and support while traveling.

Please note:because it covers the initial consultation, research, and time spent on the proposal, this fee is non-refundable and will be charged regardless of whether a client books a trip with us. When, however, a client books a trip with us, this fee also covers management, booking, and travel support during the trip.


Aerial View of Beach
Drums on Sand

Hotel Only Booking

  • No fee - complimentary when client specifies which property and dates and wants to take advantage of our Preferred Partner amenities.

  • $100 per trip if there is research involved in finding you the perfect property. This covers up to 3 hotels in one location.

  • $50.00 late booking fee for hotels requested with 7 days prior to departure.


Changes and cancellations: We understand that your plans can change, however due to the work that is put in upfront to secure reservations and VIP notice prior to your travels, we reserve the right to charge a $50 fee per change or cancellation. Change and Cancellation penalty is waived on the first three occurrences annually.

Concierge Service

  • $150.00 concierge fee per week of travel to be added to any of the services for all additional details such as dining reservations, spa appointments, tee times, theater tickets.

    This fee is completely optional - if clients prefer to explore/make their own reservations for restaurants, theater tickets, and other optional components, it is not charged.

    Our Trip Planning Fees cover the logistics of the trip, and includes land arrangements including hotels, trains, transfers, and scheduled activities. We are also happy to assist with simple restaurant reservations on-site at a resort or hotel where you are staying for no additional fee. For our concierge service as local restaurant reservations extensive scheduling and suggestions of self-guided activities during your leisure time such as setting up a special event, our rates begin at $150 per week of travel.

Rock in Sand

"A La Carte"
Trip Components

The best trip is a seamless one, where all pieces and parts smoothly flow together. Because of this , we prefer to work on trips holistically, and not just assist with small "a la carte" pieces (such as a rental car, flights or airport transfer only). From experience,  we have learned that in planning the Custom Trip as a whole, we are able to step in if there are any issues, and ensure the experience is exceptional. This policy also enables us to focus and devote our attention to creating and perfecting your honeymoon, anniversary, getaway, family reunion, holiday vacation, birthday blowout, and trip of a lifetime.

However, there are circumstances in which clients have already booked their accommodations but may need assistance with other components such as tours, restaurant and spa reservations, and other activities. Please inquire directly as we accept these on a case by case basis, and implement an activity management fee based on whats needed.


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